Terms and Conditions Agreement

A non refundable payment for a minimum of 1/2 of the final cost of the event package is required to secure the booking. The remainder of the final cost must be paid five (5) working days prior to the party.


We supply our equipment and staff and travel to any event in the Charlotte, NC area. Events by Jaclyn cannot be held responsible for late delivery due to unforeseen circumstances for example breakdowns, bad weather, acts of God or traffic jams.

The Venue / Inside or Outside Location

It is the responsibility of the client named on the contract to provide a safe working environment, ensuring that: sufficient access is available for the loading and offloading of the equipment. Designated and secure parking must be available at the home location or event venue.

The venue location should provide access to the event area to allow the equipment to be set-up safely. A cornered off area away from the public for equipment is required.

The area where the equipment is to be set up should be clean, and should not contain any substances such as, oil, paint, or any sharp objects such as glass, metal, or wood, which may cause injury or damage to any persons attending the event.

Events by Jaclyn reserves the right to refuse the operation or hire of our staff or equipment if we believe that the venue is unsuitable or unsafe to operate in and the client/hiring person is liable for all costs.


Damage to equipment in direct relation to persons attending an event will be the responsibility of the client/hiring person to cover the costs of repair or replacement. Only the staff of Events by Jaclyn may operate the provided equipment (includes any set-up items brought to the venue location).


We strongly recommend that venues holding a party do not serve drinks in glass bottles or glassware of any kind and instead use plastic or polycarbonate cups. If glasses or glass bottles must be used we recommend a glass free party area to be setup and controlled by the hiring person/organizers and any breakages of glass removed immediately.

Participant Behavior:

It is at our discretion as the event supplier as to whether or not the event should be closed down for reasons such as:
• The participants are acting in an abusive or aggressive manner towards staff and equipment.
• The conditions are proving to be too dangerous.
Should this happen then the full total cost of the event shall still be payable by the named client on the contract.

Weather Conditions:

Outside Events:

In the event of us being prevented from hiring and setting up equipment due to inclement weather conditions such as real snow, winds, rain, hurricane conditions or any circumstances deemed to be unsafe or beyond our control, all payments must still be paid in full. If the event is cancelled (due to inclement weather) we do offer you the chance to reschedule for an alternative day of your choice providing we are available for the new event date.

Clean-up service:

The clean-up service we provide is for the event area only, not the whole venue.

Main power supply:

You the client must ensure that two mains 13amp-power supply is available for our use that is within 15 feet of where our equipment is to be set up unless other arrangements have been made.


If you the client are not happy with the level of service or staff in attendance for any reason, the client must make the staff aware immediately, not at the end of the event. This will allow us to address your concern accordingly.

Cancellation Policy:

If cancellation occurs, any payments received are non-refundable.  If the event is cancelled less that 14 days before the event the full booking amount is due, this is non negotiable.

Liability policy:

The person booking the event shall provide adult supervision for all minor guests.

Events by Jaclyn shall not be held responsible for damage caused to floors, walls, clothing, shoes, personal belongings or other items located within the event location. By signing this agreement you waver all rights to claim against damage caused by our staff and/or any equipment or items used for the event. The client/hiring person is responsible for any and all legal fees incurred.

Agreement: This is an agreement between Event by Jaclyn and the client, the person(s) or representatives booking the event.

This agreement starts from the date you make a booking by e-mail and confirm this via e-mail, so unless a written cancellation is received up to 14 days before your event date you are liable for all costs related to your event in full.