Managing toddler behavior at birthday parties: melt downs

Every child has an outburst just around the corner. Although it may seem horrible, it is better out than in. Let the tantrums pass, and your child will actually be better for the rest of the party most likely!  It is our responsibility as party hosts to be prepared to keep the melt downs to a minimum.

Children usually are upset because they are tired, jealous, or hungry

When a child becomes upset at the party, you might check to see if he or she is tired or hungry. The party may be interfering with the child’s normal nap or feeding schedule. The child could also just be acting out due to jealousy over a toy or an issue with another child. If a child is having a tantrum at a party, be sure to lean on the parent of the child to determine the best solution if he or she is present. If the parent is not around, then the party host or the client booking the party should simply remove the child from the situation until the child settles down.

Never discipline a child that is having a tantrum:

As a party host, you should stay calm and never attempt to discipline a child which is not your own. This is never ok. Remember that this is a fun and beautiful event. Your calm demeanor will show the other children you are able to handle the situation with ease. While the child is crying and having an outburst, you should also never react fiercely to the child as this will make matters worse. Most of the time the child will calm down on their own.  If not, then reach out to try and comfort the child. Leave any real discipline to the parents and after the tantrum is over you can resume enjoying the party.

Re-Direct the Child’s Attention:

Another method to handle a sudden outburst is to direct the child’s attention to another activity. This will hopefully distract the child and may be just the ticket to get him or her to forget their anger and calm down enough to join the other children.  Children change their emotions quickly.  A loud outburst one minute may turn into joyous laughter the next if the child’s attention is re-directed to something he or she likes.

Tips for the Party Host:

Every parent is always equipped with additional toys and other means of distracting little ones and keeping little hands busy.  Party hosts should keep this in mind and have on hand, many activities for the kids to enjoy before the birthday song and before the cake and ice cream.  Remember to keep the mood bright and cheery for the birthday girl or boy. The more composed you are, and the better prepared you are as a party host, the faster the child will move past the frustration.


If you are a party host, make sure you are as prepared as possible to handle situations. If you are a parent, it is always best to accompany smaller children to birthday parties. This is especially true for babies and toddlers. When mom or dad is around they are less likely to be afraid of strangers.

Older children know the rules and do much better.  However, no matter the age of the child, all children at some time are going to have outbursts and they should be handled with care. As parents and as party hosts we learn to calm the situation and go on to have another beautiful party, with pictures to build memories for the future.

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Jaclyn Adair, “Events by Jaclyn”

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