How to manage the amount of sugar at birthday parties … suggestions and tips

Every mom, from the time a child is born is determined to have her child eat healthy foods. Birthday parties are fun times for all, but they are also a place where the parent should try to manage the amount of sugar being consumed.  This is much more difficult than it sounds. Most of us have grown up eating all the wrong things. Of course when we have a child were are all going to fix this and every mom has the best of intentions for their little ones.

There is not a weekend that goes by that children are not invited to birthday parties.  By the time they are two years old, they know there are goodies galore at every one.

Caution: Be sure you know about any children attending that could have food allergies and prepare for this.  Simply ask the moms as you send the invitations.  Better to be safe than sorry!

Let’s talk “take home goodie bags”

Children are welcomed at the door by the balloon guy and are looking forward to the many sweets galore. It is not enough that sugary foods are available at the party,  They all know they will be taking a goodie bag home as well and of course, “more sweets.”  It is a smorgasbord of sugary delights. Some kids learn this early and getting that coveted “goodie bag” or party favor as they are normally called is a highlight of the day.

As a party host, if you can come up with a few healthy choices and other items in place of sugary foods, every mom will thank you. Below are a few ideas which could help with this dilemma:


After looking at the sugar content in candies, parents may want to throw out every little piece , but moderation is key to everything. There are clever ways to distract from smaller portions. One way is to include “Fun Facts” printed in bright colors on fun little cards inside the goodie bags. Education and smaller portions all in one bag.

If you are choosing to have an animal themed party, animal facts are the way to go. Throw a small scoop of teddy grahams into a bag and put bear facts in there. Children will pop the teddy grahams in their mouths and read the facts not even noticing the smaller portion.

Joke Gifts

Goodie bags don’t have to be filled with just food. Surprising guests with little toys in their bags to entertain long after the party has ended is the best alternative to candy. Whoopee cushions are timeless and make adults laugh as well as children.

Get Crafty

Stop by any dollar store or dollar section in Target and you’ll find endless crafty goodies for children to find in their goodie bags. Silly string for appropriate aged children may inspire a natural energy kick.

Save the Fun for Later

Goodie bags can easily cost five to ten dollars. Sometimes the best option is to give a five dollar gift card to an ice cream shop or candy store. This way, the sugar can be consumed at a later ate and not all in one day. During the party, there are more options to cut sugar. It is especially in a party planner’s best interest to cut the amount of sugar at a children’s event because where there is more sugar, there is more uncontrollable energy.

Consider natural sugar

Although children are used to their sugar highs and frosting stained tongues, they can get the same amount of fun from fruit. Seem too good to be true? Fruit can be cut into eye catching shapes by using small cookie cutters. Even popping the shapes into a perfectly portioned zig-zagged cup with each child’s name on it can make the natural sugar treat seam like the more fun snack.

Remember to cut artificial sugars in any way possible. In addition, replace most sugar at the party with natural sugars found in nature. This will decrease the post party depression that follows after a sugar crash.

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