First Birthday:  A child’s first birthday party should be magical

Congrats to you parents who have made it to the first birthday celebration for your little one. It seems like yesterday when you brought your bundle of joy home and now it is time to plan his or her first birthday party.  Although your little one may not remember the festivities, he or she will have all of the great birthday pics, images and/or video to enjoy in the years ahead.

The first party should be short and fun-filled:

A first birthday event might include only the immediate family with a meal followed by the birthday cake and ice cream.  A smaller party with the immediate family and a few friends that your child knows will keep the chaos to a minimum. This is especially important for those one year olds who are fearful of strangers.  The goal is not to overwhelm the child with new people.

As long as the birthday area is decorated and the pictures are great, a smaller party will be a memorable event and less stressful for your one year old.  Another thing to keep in mind is that a one year old has a very short attention span and runs out of steam quickly.   Thus, keeping the guest list small and planning an hour or so is suggested.

What time is best for the first birthday?

The time of day is also important to allow you to adhere to the child’s normal daily schedule for eating and resting.  Try early morning or later in the afternoon for the time to begin. If the baby is tired he or she will lose interest quickly so be sure the start time is planned around the baby’s schedule.

If your child attends a daycare center, you may also be planning to invite some of these children and looking to hold a larger event. In this case you can count on parents attending the event.  As you prepare the cake and goodies for the baby, don’t forget to add a few items for the adults.

Larger birthday events can be very stressful for parents who have little time in their busy schedule. That’s where we come in. We would love to meet with you to coordinate and plan your first birthday celebration for your special child.

You may want to consider a few party platters of food for the parents in attendance. If your budget allows, it is also best to employ a party planner so you can relax and enjoy the celebration.  Events by Jaclyn is available to help parents who work full-time or have very little time for planning and carrying out that magical first birthday festivities.  We will listen to your ideas and add a few of our own. The first birthday will be a magical affair.

We serve Orlando and the surrounding Central Florida areas:  Orange, Seminole and Brevard counties.

The area for the party and other decor:

The party area should be baby proofed before the big day. Choose decorations which are safe and avoid choking hazards.  We recommend a baby-friendly and yet very sophisticated party for the little one. This year early colors are popular, along with color palettes which include the colors of green, yellow and orange. The sky is the limit when it comes to first birthday party themes.

Consider affordable tableware, and other decor such as birthday hats and crowns. Use event banners and colorful yard signs to promote the event. Activities should be safe for all of the babies and prepare a safe space for the little ones to play before enjoying the birthday cake.

Don’t forget to provide a few party favors for the babies to take home such as small toy animals and other goodies (mom approved). Lower the stress by hiring a babysitter or a family member to watch the other children so mom and dad can enjoy the party and share in the festivities.

Love is all that matters on the special first birthday. Your baby loves to make you laugh and this special day should be all about your little guest of honor. He or she will expect lots of TLC on this day of all days….a once in a lifetime event to remember.

Events by Jaclyn would be honored to partner with you for the baby’s first birthday bash.  LET’S TALK.   Call 407-766-1200 or Email us.

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